Citizens and neighbours opposed to the City’s plan to re-develop the park and pave local green space.

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What is Bonnerworth Park?

Bonnerworth Park is a large green space with sport fields in Peterborough, Ontario. Located at the corner of McDonnel and Monaghan St, it is a recreational hub for the neighbourhood and beyond.

  • The grassy expanse is used year-round for kites, frisbee, snow forts, skiing & dog walking.
  • The double ball diamonds are used regularly by Peterborough Baseball Association, St. Peter’s Secondary School and pick-up groups.
  • The West49 skateboard facility is heavily used by skateboarders, scooters, BMX type bikers and for lessons.
  • The 4 combined tennis and pickleball courts are the second highest-used in the City.

Goodbye Green Space

In April, 2024, the City approved a $4.4 million plan to convert the park into a 16 court pickleball facility with lights, an 80-car parking lot, expanded skateboard facility and bike pump track.

In other words, Bonnerworth Park’s current green space will be entirely paved over.

City Council was asked to ‘pause’ the planning process, but voted in favour of approving the plan.

Peterborough has not adequately consulted local residents. The studies necessary to support the proposed plan have not been completed. These include critical baseline investigations like traffic, noise and stormwater studies.

Save Bonnerworth Park continues to advocate for the greenspace protection and transparent community consultation.

“We just thought they were replacing the Tennis courts, not paving over two ball diamonds and all grass sport fields.”

-Local residents who were never consulted.

There is still hope that we can save Bonnerworth Park.
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